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With Royal Enfield the philosophy is
let history inform the future.

We are unique in the motorcycle world, we remain as faithful to the original machines as possible that built the legend of Royal Enfield. This is our core & our soul, for the future Royal Enfield will continue to be inspired by legendary names from the past, these will help shape our future.

Significant investments in research & development in recent years have added exponentially to the brands quality & feel and will soon see some exciting new products come to market.

Meteor 350 Fireball

OTR £3,879

Meteor 350 Stellar

OTR £3,959

Meteor 350 Supernova

OTR £4,039


OTR £4,699

Himalayan (Dual Colours)

OTR £4,799

Himalayan Adventure

OTR £5,299

Himalayan Adventure (Dual Colours)

OTR £5,399

Interceptor INT 650 Twin

OTR £6,039

Interceptor INT 650 Dual Colours

OTR £6,239

Interceptor INT 650 Specials

OTR £6,539

Continental GT 650 Twin

OTR £6,239

Continental GT650 Custom Colours

OTR £6,439

Continental GT650 Chrome

OTR £6,739

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