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CMW Back at Pendine Record Breaking

September 19, 2019 / Comments 0 / 2353 / CMW Racing
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Saturday 14th September.  CMW returned to the famous Pendine Sands Beach in South Wales for another record breaking weekend on the Royal Enfield.

The Continental GT 535 had been retuned and entered into the 650cc pushrod part faired class. A Honda K4 racing fairing was used to streamline the bike. The CMW technicians Russell and John   pushed the output on the CMW in-house dyno from 34bhp to a record breaking 37bhp.  The rider Keith Laker made speed runs on the GT across the standing Mile course set on the beach by the organisers of Straightliners. The course consisted of a 1 mile standing start on the Saturday and  a flying quarter mile before the end of the 1 mile course on the Sunday. Keith achieved a top speed of 95mph through the 1 mile speed trap and setting a new record for the class. CMW are now going to rebuild the engine with a new in house manufactured crank to push the capacity to 612cc and will return to Pendine in May 2020 to hopefully achieve breaking the 100mph barrier.

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