Royal Enfield is a long-lived brand that has its roots in the United Kingdom, lands in India and continues its expansion around the world. Let's discover the history of Royal Enfield: a journey on two wheels that crosses continents.

The story begins in the UK
The Enfield Cycle Company is founded in the United Kingdom, precisely in Redditch, Worcestershire. It's 1891 and Enfield is making lawn mowers, bicycles and stationary engines. A few years later, in 1901, the production of motorcycles also began. From 1911, and with the advent of the world wars, the Enfield Cycle Company, already awarded the Royal qualification, began to adapt their motorcycles for war use.

Royal Enfield WD/RE
The Second World War marks a fundamental step for Royal Enfield. The British Crown, in fact, chooses the company to produce purely military models. From motorcycles adapted with sidecars and machine guns, we move on to more sophisticated models. From this desire was born the famous Flying Flea: the Royal Enfield WD/RE, a 125 cc created to be launched, together with its military centaur, from the parachute. Royal Enfield motorcycle trained riders for World War II

Landing in India
In 1955 the British motorcycle manufacturer lands in India. The Chennai city government needs motorcycles to supply the local police to patrol its borders: Royal Enfield's Bullet 350 is perfect for the job and Chennai is placing an order for 800 motorcycles. An enormous request for the numbers of the time, which will lead the company to associate with Madras Motors to form Enfield India.

The crisis of the 2000s: just a parenthesis
Enfield India will operate exclusively on the Asian continent from the 1970s until 1994, when Enfield India merges with the Eicher Group and becomes Royal Enfield again. The crisis of the 2000s and the arrest of the market are just a parenthesis for the historic brand. Thanks to Siddharta Lal, Managing Director of the Eicher Motors group, the company launches a series of operational actions to bring Royal Enfield back to the crest of the wave: from market research to motorcycle restyling, up to the creation of events for enthusiasts, such as Rider Mania and Himalayan Odyssey.

Royal Enfield FY 2021 Sales Breakup - Classic 350 Leads With 3.6 Lakh
Unstoppable growth
Thanks to these strategic operations, Royal Enfield is once again investing in infrastructure and expanding again from India to the United Kingdom, selling its models in more than 700 exclusive dealerships: an unstoppable growth that indicates a bright future for a historic brand. CMW in Chichester has always been a proud representative of Royal Enfield and stocks a vast amount of Royal Enfield bike for all our customers to choose from.

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