The 5 things CMW recommends that upgrade the ride experience. Small but necessary

Motorcycles, helmets, petrol. If someone says that this is all that is needed to hit the streets, technically, they would be right. But…

There is no need to make Downgrades on comfort, when with a few more additions we will have a more carefree ride.

  1. Telephone stand
Here at CMW we all agree that it is much more convenient to access the smartphone from a special mount on the motorcycle than from our pocket. Whether for navigation instructions or call management, we want direct and easy access to the mobile phone – and we want it as protected as possible from shocks and water. Sure a map is useful in general, but let's be honest, most of us rely on our smartphones for navigation, and quite a few of us, for listening to music, keeping us in good company on the road. What would you think if CMW was to produce a high quality phone stand?
  1. Waterproof
We've all been there, one lovely early June morning. Clear skies, we hop on our bike, a jacket and jeans and we're ready for a weekend jaunt.
And all goes well, for about 90 minutes after we set off – so much so that it's not an easy decision to turn back when the heavens decide to open, and we end up wondering if we should have taken a boat instead of a motorbike…
At times like these, having a raincoat with us is anything from comforting to life-saving (depending on the area it covers). The truth is that one-piece raincoats offer better protection from the rain and are much better than composite jackets and pants, as they will hardly get water in - and now, they have improved quite a bit in terms of design. Again Biker rain coats, what do you think?
  1. Lock
Or as my team at CMW say, better safe than sorry. It's an awkward truth that motorbikes are always a challenge for various savants, and if we're going to leave our goodie anywhere in the open and outside of our base for the night, we'd better make it as difficult as possible for her unwanted movement. We take extra precautions at CMW motorcycles to make sure all of our bikes are properly matched. 
Of course, carrying around a big, bulky and heavy chain with a lock on every trip can easily become hoarse and we start to "forget" it with the classic "come on baby". Rightfully so. We decided to go for a walk.
So we go to the second option with a disc brake lock – a practical solution for most bikers on the go. Compact and light, they can clip on the brake discs and make it difficult to move our motorcycle in foreign hugs.
  1. Duct tape
When walking to customers I found that many riders, many times, for many different reasons, have felt lucky and grateful to have a roll of duct tape with them – since something can always go wrong on the road – or on the trail. It's convenient and solves almost any problem, from patching a tire to temporarily repositioning a moving part - when it shouldn't. Even better, if we combine duct tape and some cable ties in various sizes, we have a super cheap and efficient tool kit that can fix – just about – anything.
  1. Cloth
Yes. This. A cloth. Whether it's chamois leather or plain microfiber cloth, we need it and I always have one with me. To clean the lens of the mask from mud, or the gel of the helmet from water, flies, breath fog, basically anything that can disturb our vision or simply tire us while driving. It doesn't cost, it's not heavy, it doesn't take up space and it definitely provides solutions and raises the level of comfort. 

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