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As you already know, the Interceptor and the Continental GT share a common base at the chassis and power plant level, but there are important changes in terms of ergonomics, aesthetics and tuning of the chassis, which become very evident when you get off the bike. one motorcycle and you get on the other.

If you are thinking about which of the two to buy, or even if the aesthetics of this motorcycle and the product itself catch your attention, but you have things very clear due to the lack of knowledge that the brand generates, join us at CMW Motorcycle Chichester, and we will try answer all these questions together.

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From outside

The frame, the wheels, the tail, the instrumentation, brakes, engine, side covers... everything is the same, but what really matters are not the similarities but the changes. The first thing that catches our attention is the fuel tank. It's bulkier, and now has smooth, rounded lines, no trace of the edges, edges, and angles of the Continental.

The next thing we look at is the handlebars. It's a single bar that's wedged in the center and curves nicely upwards to put the bars in a higher, more relaxed position. In addition, it has a central reinforcement bar to prevent it from bending in the event of a fall.

Finally, the single-seater bullet-shaped tail gives way to a flat, comfortable seat suitable for two. The small dome of the Continental disappears, while the rear-view mirrors become conventional and chrome. Needless to say, these last two items are optional on the Continental GT.


It's incredible how with these small tweaks, the personality of the bike changes completely. While the Continental GT seemed like an aggressive, angry, somewhat dark, reserved, and warlike bike; the Interceptor is the complete opposite. It looks like a happy bike , a happy and carefree motorcycle, a summer motorcycle, with good vibes and mojitos on the beach.

In fact, that is what the Indians were after when designing it. It is inspired by those American beach bikes from California in the 70s; and this is temporarily a decade ahead of the inspiration they sought for the Continental GT (the British café racers of the 1960s). All this is noticeable in these small details that we mentioned.

At the level of dimensions, we are facing a compact motorcycle. They are 2,122, 744 and 1,165 millimeters in length, width and height, respectively. The seat is located 803 mm from the ground, suitable for all audiences, while its wheelbase is 1,400 mm, pulling short. In general, in terms of finishing and perceived visual quality, the motorcycle grates at a good level. We are not dealing with a premium product with an almost obsessive attention to detail, but it does not look like a cheap, simple or poor motorcycle either.

Mounted Above

Once on top of the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 , the feeling that intoxicates me is like familiarity, but different. The changes from the Continental are subtle, but together they completely change the driving experience.

The first thing that catches our eyes is the handlebars. It is much higher, as if inviting you to comfortably grab it with both hands and go out for a drive. 

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