The 120th anniversary for the Royal Enfield 650 motorcycles was insane.

The Royal Enfield Interceptor and Continental GT 650 120th Anniversary Edition were offered to the public on a first-come, first-served basis via an online sale that took place on December 6. For sale online, Royal Enfield has created a special 120th anniversary edition. microsite, where he claims that the 120 units of motorcycles were sold in 120 seconds! The 120th Anniversary Editions of the Interceptor and Continental GT 650 remain mechanically unchanged, but have been given a special Black Chrome paint scheme with dark treatment on many of its mechanicals. Both bikes also feature a unique serial number, a special 120th Anniversary Edition Royal Enfield logo, as well as unique decals on the body panels and familiar stripes on the tank. The GMA pack features special accessories finished in black.
Royal Enfield is no stranger to limited-edition online sales, having made a Classic 500 Tribute Edition before phasing it out in favour of the 650 Twins. The bike maker recently unveiled two concept motorcycles at the EICMA 2021 show – the SG650 concept and the Project Origin concept.

Also, if you're still looking to buy the new Classic 350, check out our review here.

One of the best, want to know why?

It can travel large distances!

The Royal Enfield Meteor 350 is one of the best motorcycles we have ridden in recent months. We've had the bike for almost a year. We also took it on trips of 1,000 km a day. In fact, we spent more time with it on the highways than in the city. Although the bike performs quite well, there are a few things that could improve it and this can be done via the brand's accessories list. We list the five main essential accessories on your Meteor 350.
It provides additional rider value.
Royal Enfield provides a windscreen as standard only on the top-end variant of the Meteor. But honestly, this accessory is a must-have for cyclists who do a lot of highway trips. This windshield deflects a lot of wind, which leads to less body fatigue.

The Meteor is not an off-road motorcycle.

So the chances of this bike seeing dirt are a bare minimum. But we've seen various riders (on Instagram) taking their Meteors out on the beaten path for some cool photos or to explore a nearby dam. So it makes sense to get this accessory because the trails to such places are pretty bad.

Accessories can make it off road, how crazy is that?

Now this accessory is quite famous in India. Many motorcyclists who travel with a passenger install it on their motorcycle. Royal Enfield is offering this accessory to Meteor owners and from the pictures it looks pretty good.
The seat of the Meteor is quite comfortable. In fact, the comfort of sitting on the bike is one of the best aspects of motorcycling. Whether for a few minutes or long hours in the saddle, the original seat provides ample support during the ride. But the brand also offers a seat with a lower height. This should be good for runners who are on the shorter side.

You can make your motorcycle completely unique to you.

How about having your full name, or perhaps a name you have immense respect for, on your Meteor's fuel tank? Sounds really cool, right? And why not! There are hardly any motorcycle companies that offer the possibility of customising your motorcycle. The brand's official website has a tool that helps you put a custom fuel tank name. However, to do this, you will need to purchase at least Rs 4,000.

The Royal Baby's story.

On the tank of the prototype "Royal Baby", a 125cc two-stroke. With the outbreak of World War II, this model became the legendary "Flying Flea" of British paratroopers, still proudly displaying the RE badge on its tank. Subsequently, the Redditch seal was embellished with a winged design, adopted by the Royal Enfield Classic from 2008. This legacy lives on today: Redditch's original RE badges are back on the Royal Enfield Classic 350 , with the Redditch colour range.
Royal Enfield's Redditch monogram first adorned the tank of the prototype "Royal Baby" in 1939, a 125cc two-stroke motorcycle. The outbreak of the Second World War put a halt to civilian production plans, but the machine was adopted by the British Armed Forces, in particular its Parachute Division. Carried in a custom-made Royal Enfield parachute cage, this motorcycle, officially known as the WD/RE model, was dropped into enemy territory to help airborne troops establish lines of communication. It was quickly dubbed the " Flying Flea" ("The flying chip") and, despite its drab olive green paint, proudly displayed the letters RE on its tank.

Having your own piece of history!

The Royal Enfield model returned to civilian life and became an affordable means of transport for the masses of workers traveling daily between cities and peri-urban areas. The RE monogram was now incorporated into a flamboyant winged motif and affixed to each side of the petrol tanks. As early as 1950, the motorcycle was equipped with a telescopic fork and, a year later, with a foot-operated gearbox. The RE logo then came to decorate a new version of the engine, a habit which continued throughout the production of this model, as it became the Ensign 150 cc and then the Prince two-stroke, from the 1950s to the early 1960s.
In 1957 Royal Enfield introduced the innovative 250cc Crusader. Versatile, economical, very manoeuvrable and fast, it was an instant success. The RE monogram, still winged, was now modelled into the polished metal engine cover. Sportier versions followed, such as the Crusader Sports in 1959 and the Continental in 1963. All displayed the "RE" motif outlined in red on their shiny aluminium engines.

When Royal Enfield's legendary Classic was born.

In 2008, its heritage was clearly visible in every line. As with motorcycles that have preceded it over the past seventy years, its shiny metallic engine is adorned with the historic RE badge. And the tradition continues into the present, as today we find this pattern on the Classic, the Desert Storm, the Battle Green and the military-inspired Squadron Blue, the Bullet 350 and 500, the Thunderbirds cruisers and, of course. »r, the Continental GT café racer.
Royal Enfield Make It Yours is a fresh take on one of the brand's signature motorcycles' biggest selling points: their customizability. Royal Enfield motorcycles are commonplace on the streets and highways across India, and the distinct thud of a Royal Enfield engine can be heard regularly wherever you go. What also particularly stands out about Royal Enfield motorcycles is simplicity and customization; you can change almost everything to your liking quickly and tune the bike exactly the way you want.


Royal Enfield bike, accessories and more.

Although the "Make It Yours" motorcycle configurator was initially only rolled out for the Interceptor and Continental GT models – currently the most expensive motorcycles in the company's line-up – it is now available for five of the six models of motorcycles currently on sale in India. This includes the recently launched Meteor 350, as well as the popular Classic 350. Customization options vary depending on the bike you choose, but generally fall into three categories – Style, Comfort and Protection.

Different bike, different style. 

Depending on the model, these include things like better seats, oil and fuel filler caps, engine and sump guards, mufflers, mirrors and personalization badges, among others. Every bike comes stock setup with base parts included in the cost, and any changes or additions are chargeable. All accessory prices, as well as the overall on-road price for the location chosen by the customer are displayed during the configuration process.
Top 5 best customised royal Enfield Interceptor 650,s.
There are so many accessories that can change the look, style and atmosphere of your interceptor 650. Make your bullet unique to you. 
The Hooligan 650 customised
The Prime Project 650 customised
Modern Scrambler 650 customised
The Brute 650 customised
Tracker 650 customised

Must have royal Enfield accessories.

ADV accessories.

Last updated: Nov 23, 2020
Here is the list of accessories I installed on the Himalayan. As with the article on modified parts, this post is a summary of the various sources of info that I have consulted and the solutions that I have considered and possibly tested.
Each time, I present to you why I chose to install this type of accessory, the different models envisaged and the selection criteria. If necessary, I specify the necessary tools and the difficulties encountered for assembly.
When the time comes, I will add a review for each of them to share my feedback.
Why: The hand guards protect the rider from flying stones and especially the brake and clutch levers in the event of a fall. A simple fall on a country lane can therefore turn into a real hassle, go for the hand guards. Obviously, it is therefore necessary to install a pair with a metal reinforcement and not just the plastic protection.
The options: The prices vary enormously for this accessory and it is very easy to find new or used ones on leboncoin. The important thing is that they adapt to the handlebars. Here are the three options


Option 1: the model offered by Royal Enfield especially for the Himalayan
Advantage: they do not reduce the turning radius
Disadvantage: price (80€) and only one fixing point at the end of the handlebar, they unscrew when you lean on them
Option 2: Goofits recommended by Roland (excellent blog) and available on Amazon
Advantage: the price (40€) and the adaptability
Disadvantage: they reduce the turning radius, the binding hits the screen
Option 3: Barkbusters and other high-end brands
Advantage: the brand and?
Disadvantage: the price, more than 100€ for two aluminium legs and two plastic covers

Does anyone know if there is a real difference compared to Goofits for example?

Installation: assembly is very simple, it requires an Allen key and ideally a vice. One of the aluminium dropouts needs to be twisted slightly to line up perfectly with the handlebar mount.
It seems that the hand shields also protect against the cold. After riding this winter with it, I still decided to buy muffs. This special GIVI model hand guards can be mounted without any problem even with Goofits.

Crash bars

Why: they protect the engine casings in the event of a fall. Subject quite sensitive once again, even if they add weight I think it is essential. FYI, RTW Paul replaces his crankcases with special parts and does without crash bars on his KTM.
The options: as for the handguards, the offer is quite wide. The ideal being to choose a model with three fixing points (and not two, to distribute the force in the event of an impact) intelligently placed (not at the same level of the frame or not on a part in contact with the engine).

Option 1: crash bars offered by Royal Enfield

Advantage: price (80€)

Disadvantage: only two fixing points on the front part of the frame, not very enveloping shape

Option 2: GIVI

Advantage: three attachment points distributed on the exhaust side and on the intake side
Disadvantage: higher price than RE (150€)
Option 3: SW Motech for a price similar to GIVI
Advantage: three attachment points distributed on the exhaust side and on the intake side
Disadvantage: a fixing point is placed on the support of the upper engine
SRC design also offers them, according to Eduardo who works for the brand, this version is in stainless steel, unlike the GIVI and SW Motech versions, so "much more resistant".

Has anyone ever tested stainless steel crash bars?

Installation: it was my dealer who installed the GIVI during the 1000 Km overhaul. Several videos are available including that of KARMAkaze moto, the channel is very cool by the way.

CMW motorcycles royal Enfield interceptor 650 and GT 650 heel guards and intake covers.


CMW motorcycles is the biggest Royal Enfield dealership in west Sussex. Utilising our love for the bullet, we have decided to set out on a journey to supply the royal Enfield family and our valued customers with, motorcycle accessories that will make your bullet stand out from all the rest. with our new, bespoke, high grade, billet aluminium accessories collection for the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 and GT 650.
All of our Royal Enfield accessories are made from high grade billet aluminium and manufactured with care to give you the highest possible quality.

We are better than the rest!

All of our heal guards and intake covers for the Royal; Enfield interceptor 650 and GT 650 are one of a kind. they are thicker and more sturdy, making them a lot more durable as they are far less likely to bend or warp. they are made from billet aluminium. 

Is billet aluminium stronger than steel?

Some people have some misconceptions when we say a part is made from billet aluminium or billet steel. Let's clear those up. Just in case you don't want to read the rest, here's the short version: billet is stronger and worth the money, but the reason why might surprise you.
Read more.

So not just providing a high quality look.

We look better.

All custom billet aluminium accessories for Royal Enfield motorcycles. For easy attachment to your motorcycle and impactful results. You can customise your 650 to truly look royal. All of our accessories are made in the UK.  


First, I focused on this unique engine with a neat design. And the enthusiasm aroused by the photos has been confirmed in reality: aesthetically we tend towards perfection! It is a fairly compact, air-cooled and oil-cooled parallel-twin. It therefore displays beautiful fins and its radiator is not bulky. And then, with its cylinders painted matt black like old cast iron, its crankcases and its cover in polished aluminium, the name of the brand engraved on one side, a cap stamped on the other... Nothing to say, it is really beautiful.

Old style VS new?

Obviously, the absence of carb betrays modernity, and the homologated pots are a bit imposing. But these elements (injectors and exhausts) remain elegant, and thanks to them this mechanism is already in conformity with the Euro 4 standard (tomorrow Euro 5 without major changes). Staggered at 270° for more character, super square and 4 valves for sharper revving, equipped with balancers to limit vibrations... This block provides 52 Nm at 5250 rpm, and 47 hp at 7250 rpm. min.

Figures too low? We'll talk about it.

Around, there is a double cradle chassis perfectly similar to that of the café-racer mono. The general line could not be more traditional, we recognize there the signature of Harris Performance. This company, founded in 1972 and which has forged an eloquent track record over time, was once a family business. It is now owned by Royal Enfield (since 2015). On the suspension side, we stay in the very classic, with a simple 41 mm telescopic fork at the front, and at the rear shock absorbers only adjustable in preload.
With a diameter of 18 inches, the spoke rims are vintage as we like; the tires a little less. These Pirelli Phantom Sports comp are definitely popular at the moment. But while their design isn't naughty, it isn't particularly retro either. They fulfil at least the first function of a sausage: to hold the pavement. Here they are also quite thin: 130 at the rear, and 100 at the front. Finally, wheels that are a little high and a little narrow, old-fashioned? This suggests stability in a straight line, and a certain agility when putting on the angle; things the test will show.

Royal Enfield Interceptor is a beautiful bike.

Certainly, this Royal Enfield 650 Interceptor is the good surprise of the year it came out, in the neo-retro sphere. For the brand, which is more than a century old, this machine marks a certain renewal, without betraying its spirit and on the contrary capitalizing on its heritage. Aesthetically it is a real success! The style is timeless, the whole very balanced, the finish in progress. Its simplicity makes all the charm of this motorcycle particularly easy to take along. No frills here, just a few concessions to modernity, standards oblige; but we stay in the very classic.

People see details.

By focusing on the details, we can still find some faults: the false seams of the saddle, some plastic peripherals, a perfectible painting of the fire support on my test copy... But once again, it is necessary remember that the price of this bike is much lower than those of the competition!

Its easy to fix, using accessories.

café-racer model equipped, in particular, with bracelets and rear sets. It's barely more expensive than the previous Continental GT, while this 2019 version is clearly more rewarding and much more versatile! We are therefore in the presence of a very good deal.
A lot of colours are available: six for the standard version, five for the café-racer version. But it may be the availability that will decide for you, given the announced deadlines… Because apparently this Royal Enfield 650 Interceptor is already a victim of its own success! However, there are two outstanding questions: what about reliability? And what about after-sales service? Rumour has it that a large number of copies have been subjected to long-term tests, under varied conditions, with more than a thousand static and dynamic checkpoints checked on arrival. Result: the manufacturer does not hesitate to guarantee its machines for three years!

Keep a eye out.

Royal Enfield SG650 Concept

Besides the limited edition 650 Twins, Royal Enfield also unveiled a brand new concept called SG650 Twin at the EICMA 2021 show. Although Royal Enfield did not mention it in their release, we know that SG stands for Shotgun and this concept should serve base to the company's next bobber-style motorcycle. The Shotgun brand name was revealed through leaked patent documents.
Styling cues on the concept bike include a unique float-style seat, short tubular handlebars, clipped front and rear fenders, handlebar-end mirrors and large tires. A unique styling cue on the concept bike is the digital graphics that are visible throughout the bodywork and the 650cc parallel twin engine. Other styling cues on the SG650 concept include a CNC machined billet fuel tank, wheels made from solid aluminium block, front dual disc brakes, inverted front fork and leather seat. hand sewn black.
The production model will be toned down and we would see fewer features on the final product which is expected to arrive next year.

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