How to look after your motorbike by CMW Motorcycles Chichester

Tips to Make your Bike last longer by CMW Motorcycles
Having a motorcycle is synonymous with the most perfect way to move around a city. However, when it comes to extending the useful life of this valuable vehicle, it is necessary to follow some advice. You don't have to be an expert to keep a motorcycle in good condition, the main thing is to apply certain guidelines to follow in order to ensure that it will perform correctly for a long time.
Besides, there are several methods to keep a motorcycle in optimal conditions and to increase its durability over the years. At CMW we are looking after our bikes and clients so Without further ado, here are the tips to take care of your two-wheeled vehicle and to extend its life:
The motorcycle, always in the garage
The various meteorological conditions can harm the health of a motorcycle, also that we have to count on acts of vandalism or theft. Therefore, it is highly recommended to store your motorbike in a garage. We can even prolong the useful life of a helmet by protecting it with its cover and placing it in a location away from the sun, heat or various corrosive products.
Regularly check the oil and, if necessary, change it
The more often we check a motorcycle's oil, the better. It should not be forgotten that this is consumed earlier when it is hotter on the street.
Check the condition of the brake pads
The condition of the brakes is essential for the correct operation of a motorcycle. You have to have the pills always ready and without wearing out.
measure tire pressure
Do the tires have adequate pressure for driving? Apart from the importance of this, it is necessary to attend to if there are cracks in them or if the footprint is deep enough.
Check the oil filter, coolant and shock absorbers
If they are perfectly cared for, these elements can extend the useful life of a motorcycle. It is recommended that the fork oil be in ideal conditions for driving.
The chain must be taut and lubricated.
The motorcycle manufacturer has established the necessary level of tension in the chain. Even so, it doesn't hurt to check and adjust it, especially before a long trip.
Control the motorcycle at all times
Devices such as Detector are used to know where the vehicle is at all times, if it has been lent to a third party or, directly, has been stolen.
Change the battery every two years
It is essential to recharge the battery in winter so that it is always in perfect condition. Even, we must not forget to practice the revision of the spark plugs after the motorcycle reaches 10,000 kilometers.
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