How to keep your bike clean: useful tricks and solutions by CMW motorcycles Chichester

How to keep your bike clean: useful tricks and solutions by CMW motorcycles based in Chichester.

Basic cleaning
Avoid wetting the bearings with water, as it could increase the humidity and cause a lot of damage. Take a transparent protective spray to be sprayed strictly on unpainted aluminum parts. An example would be the engine or gearbox.

For metal parts, however, you can use a chrome polish. But then how to clean the bearings, the seats and the rest? You can use a neutral soap solution but, I repeat, avoid wetting them with water.

Some solutions involve the use of a microfiber cloth (or a special soft brush) to clean these areas without having to rinse them. To remove the excess, just use a cloth.

The washing
So should water be avoided altogether? Obviously not. You can still wash your bike and make it shine using water, but you simply have to pay attention to some specific components.

You can use a solution of mild detergent and water, scrubbing the soiled area and then rinsing it off. You must categorically avoid the muffler sockets and electrical parts. Using a pressure washer could also be quite excessive.

Make sure you use specific products for motorcycle or car surfaces, as some cleaners may contain aggressive substances that could cause unsightly damage but also damage the metal and plastic of the motorcycle.

After cleaning, we advise you to use a liquid wax or a spray polish in order to finish the job perfectly. Obviously, also in this case we must be dealing with non-abrasive and specific products.

CMW suggests regularly maintaining your motorbike to keep the components from becoming damaged over time.

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