Before going on a trip

Just be safe.

No matter what type of motorcycle you ride, going on a motorcycle trip is one of the favourite experiences of all motorcyclists.

Riding as long as possible

is one of the main objectives of every motorcyclist. That is why going on a motorcycle trip will always be on our list of favourite activities, but in order for this experience to be as pleasant as possible, it is important that before going on a trip we do a review that covers the check list of basic things to consider as precautions before going on a trip.

The first thing will always be to make sure that our motorcycle is in good condition,

that is why a previous mechanical review before leaving is not superfluous, it is also a good idea that if the tires are already worn, it is better to change them beforehand. You have to be aware of the oil level, we know that if the route is long it will probably have to be refilled, so be prepared.

Wearing the right protective equipment

is also one of the important things to consider, it depends on the destination and the type of weather that defines the equipment, the basics are to wear a certified full face helmet, jacket, boots, elbow pads, knee pads, gloves and suitable jeans. for motorcycling. It also doesn't hurt to wear a raincoat, you never know.

Try to concentrate the greatest weight

in the centre of the bike, so you will not lose your balance, a very heavy bike is more difficult to control

The destination of course is important,

many of the preventive decisions that we make depend on that, the destination defines the type of luggage that we will carry, as well as the amount of it, it is always advisable to carry only what is necessary, the space that we have does not It is usually too much, so evaluate very well what things to take without forgetting what is important.

Make sure that the greatest weight

is concentrated in the centre of the bike, so you will not lose your balance, a very heavy bike is more difficult to control. It is better to carry important things close to you, such as your cell phone, documents or money, you can place them in a bag on the deposit and thus they will always be at hand. Of course you must have good motorcycle insurance that supports you in case of accidents.

To maintain the health of the rider and the bike, it is worth carrying a basic toolbox and a first aid kit.

A good inventory helps to make a practical trip, so you have perfect control at all times of what you are carrying and you do not run the risk of forgetting something at each stop. Driver's licence and identification documents, hotel data, maps or GPS are on the list of what is necessary.
It seems like a bureaucratic mess, but in reality, with practice, travelling becomes easier and the review of these points becomes almost automatic. The best thing is that in addition to enjoying each trip you learn a lot from them.

Tips for travelling by motorcycle this summer

Good weather is just around the corner

and many people count the days to enjoy the weather and outdoor plans. Among the most popular options of these dates are motorcycle routes, enjoying the asphalt, discovering new places and attracting more and more people. To prepare a motorcycle route few things are needed, although good insurance is essential and finding the right one at the best price is very simple when you have a dealership recommendation!

Insurance tailored to your needs

There are many insurances on the market,

but knowing which one is right for each person can be difficult if you do not have an adequate comparator. I compare the best motorcycle insurance between different insurers to obtain an offer adapted to different people, because each driver has different needs and priorities, and different aspects.

Comprehensive insurance is the first requirement

if you want to go on motorcycle routes because there are many unforeseen events that no one can count on. Insurers offer a wide range of possibilities and you can find insurance of all types, from the most basic to those that include legal assistance. Since there are many coverages, it is best to have a good online comparator.

Equipment and accessories, priority items

To get lost on dream roads on two wheels, you need good clothing. It is normal to see motorcyclists dressed in street clothes and, although this is a very serious mistake, the reality is that very few motorcyclists have the appropriate clothing.
Leather pants and jackets, or similar fabrics, prevent burns in the event of a fall due to the body rubbing against the asphalt. In this aspect, accessories are also crucial for any biker; elbow pads, knee pads, gloves or helmets, all security is not enough if you want to enjoy a day on the asphalt.

Regular reviews to avoid major problems.


The set-up of any vehicle is decisive if you want to avoid accidents, going regularly to the mechanic is the best way to prevent scares. In the case of motorcycles, regardless of their cylinder capacity, going to mechanical check-ups is more important for several reasons.

First of all, motorcycles are more sensitive than cars

to external agents. For example, in heavy rain, the worn tires of a motorcycle are twice as likely to cause problems as those of a larger vehicle; many of these motorcycles spend too much time on the street unprotected from shocks, winds, rains... Another reason why it is important to visit the mechanic regularly is because of seasonality, since some people use them only during the months when the weather is good. and this can cause some elements to suffer.
Motorcycles are to be enjoyed and ensuring a safe experience depends on each one. Choose the best insurance, get a good kit and go regularly to the mechanic without three simple steps with which to guarantee movie biker routes.

What motorcycles would we see in European countries if road signs told the truth

Every time you cross the border, ducks become Ducati's and Himalayans become scooters!

Admit it, it's true. When you ride your motorcycle you become a different person. It's as if some unknown force enters you and gives you shivers of emotion. This moment is sacred for some, since if you are close enough to your motorcycle - apart from the extensive inspection you do to see that everything is in place - it is the time when your soul becomes one with it and you are ready to live the ultimate experience. Your eyes on the road though, eh!

Anyway, as a genuine motorcycle freak - or not - if you have travelled to Europe you will have noticed that the sign "ep! 'prohibited' for motorcycles may vary from country to country. What kind of motorcycle would each country ride based on their no-entry signage? Because some designs actually depict actual models! Let's see how things are, always based on our own point of view and look. We tell you one. Some countries would definitely be very badass!

Motorcycles and prohibition signs

  1. Lots of cubic + lots of horses = ultimate experience!

Yes, we love speed and all those diamonds that have a lot of horses and are ready to tear up the asphalt. However, that doesn't mean we hit the road and slam on the gas like there's no tomorrow. This is wrong and you know it! We always respect the speed limits, the K.O.K. and we notice the signage around us. Besides, don't forget, we're talking about signs here too!

Favourite gas motorcycle, which reminds me a bit of Suzuki, would definitely be Latvia whose rider is... missing. We searched a lot to find him but he was nowhere to be found. Sport and modern design, lots of Cubic and horses ready to pour out on the streets. This bike is always ready for adventure. All you have to do is step on the gas and you're off for unforgettable experiences - don't forget your helmet and jacket!

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