3 trail bikes you need to discover in order to start off-road trail riding.

For novices who want to try their hand at off-roading.

You have to choose and invest in the best trail bike so as not to encounter unpleasant surprises. The great adventurers wishing to escape and make long journeys will be fully satisfied by riding this type of motorcycle. There are also various models, leaving you spoiled for choice according to your preferences and the distance you will cover on the way. Nevertheless, to make sure you make the right choice, CMW brings you some suggestions of trail bikes to discover to start your off-road learning.

Light and pleasant to ride, the APRILIA TUAREG 660

is capable of completing almost any course. It has the advantage of being both versatile and ergonomic. Its grip is easy, which simplifies its driving. In terms of breakdown and maintenance, you will have no trouble finding spare parts for this motorcycle. In addition, this trail bike has the advantage of being able to be ridden on and off road.


burst onto the market with a boom! And is a strong competitor for other trail bikes of the time. Its technical prowess has toured the sphere of trail bikes. The Himalayan is a light model, making it versatile and is a very strong model. This robust trail bike rolls efficiently on all trails. This is the ideal model for off-road enthusiasts and long-distance trail enthusiasts. You will find many spare parts for the Himalayan on the market.

Royal Enfield Scream 411

This motorcycle joined the category of big mono trails in 2022. Particularly easy to ride, this model has the advantage of being light and easy to handle. It is particularly agile in town. It is the ideal motorcycle for those who plan to try their first long course. Its driving remains pleasant even on rough roads. This agility is due to the compactness of this model. You will have no trouble finding a place for it in a saturated parking lot or in a small garage. Nevertheless, this motorcycle has something to delight amateurs and beginners in off-road trail riding.
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