STUNNING AND REAR. The 120th Royal Enfield anniversary interceptor 650

Royal-Enfield Interceptor 650 120th Anniversary 2022 - Motorcycle specs.

The Royal-Enfields have established themselves more seriously in the market since the transition to 650. The Bullet was defending itself well but with new blood in the range, the Indian brand is showing itself to be more and more present. The Interceptor takes full advantage of this good fortune. RE has therefore selected it to represent, with its sister Continental GT, the 120th anniversary of the brand.
Yes, Royal-Enfield is one of the oldest manufacturers in the world. What better way to celebrate than a great anniversary series! No cakes or candles but a beautiful painting embellished with proud coats of arms. Another dark model... but fascinating when you approach.


Obscure, everywhere.

Whether it's the frame, the engine, the fork, the rims, the exhausts, the shock absorbers... Almost anything goes. The tank goes much further, with a paint mixing black and chrome. Which provides a striking effect, when you can no longer tell the difference between the night and the mirror.
The tank is indeed the centre of attention. A brass badge is placed on each edge. They are handcrafted by members of a dynasty specialising in the creation of effigies for Indian temples. Golden borders are there to give even more cachet but the highlight is none other than a magnificent coat of arms worthy of a royal family. It contains the mention 120 th Anniversary, the number in the series which is geographically dedicated to it * and the motto of the parent company "Made like a gun".
Surprisingly, however, Royal-Enfield manufactured armament equipment before making motorcycles. But no weapons: more precisely parts for the manufacturer of Lee-Enfield rifles. Not to be confused with Royal Arsenal at Enfield. We better understand the inseparable name of Bullet.


A few small accessories will have the good taste to make this 650 Interceptor a little more special. A small smoked windscreen, a foam tube on the handlebar reinforcement bar, a brief aluminium engine shoe, tubular engine guards. To conclude and affirm the celebration, a specific sticker appears on the covers under the saddle.

120th Anniversary.

The production of the 120th Anniversary is only expected at 480 copies. This would be enough for a single country, but here... This is the total quantity intended for all markets. Well, how do we share this low quota in order to satisfy the planet? For this manufacturer, the world is divided into 4 zones*: Europe – Southeast Asia - India – Americas. Each will be entitled to 60 Interceptors and as many Continental GTs. This gives us 120 machines per sector, for this 120th anniversary.
Royal-Enfield is present in fifteen countries in Europe. There will therefore not be many examples for each territory. Or how to cause a shortage even before marketing... Fans are warned; you will have to be ready in the starting blocks to reserve one.
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